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Daily Attendance/Early Dismissal/No School Information

Daily Attendance: Please call the office (217.636.8314) or email ([email protected]) by 9:00 am if your student is not going to be at school or is going to be late to school.  A note from the doctor, dentist, court, etc. is needed to verify appointments.  Please notify the office by phone, email or note if your student needs to leave during the day for an appointment.


Early Dismissals/No School: When there is an early dismissal or cancellation of school due to inclement weather or some unforeseen emergency, notification will be given via local TV (Channel 20) and/or local radio (WDBR-FM 103.7, WFMB-FM 104.5, WTAX-AM 1450).  The district will also use the automated School Reach system to notify parents who have provided accurate contact information.


2022-2023 E-Learning Procedures


Our procedures for this year will be as follows:

  • As in the past, school will be called off if weather conditions are deemed unsafe for students and staff to travel to school.
  • If the decision that conditions are unsafe and an E-learning day is communicated, students will be able to access materials via Google Classroom (grades 4-12) and/or via teacher e-mail.  Grades K-3 materials could come the night before or via teacher e-mail as well.  An E-learning day counts as an attendance day; therefore, the day will not need to be made up. 

Thank you for your attention during inclement weather. 

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