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MOSAIC Contractual Services

Athens Jr. and Sr. High Schools have partnered up with Memorial Behavioral Health to bring the MOSAIC program into your school. Providing Meaningful Opportunities for Success and Achievement through service Integration for Children.

MOSAIC, in partnership with Athens School District, is intended to transform the system of care for children’s mental health services in the community.  Our mission is to braid together the resources we each have to better support children and families and help them to grow up happy and healthy. In Athens Jr. High and High School, this service is 100% free and paid for through the Athens School District.


The MOSAIC program looks just like standard talk therapy, but has the added benefits of:

  • Less time pulled away from the classroom
  • Improved collaboration between mental health system, schools, and families.
  • Improve school climate


MOSAIC can also be supportive in:

  • Decreasing disciplinary issues
  • Improving Academic Performance


Common reasons for seeking treatment:

  • Decline in academic performance due to inability to focus, pay attention, and complete tasks
  • Difficulty managing feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, etc.
  • Low/poor self-esteem
  • Negative relationships with family, adults, and peers (arguing, poor communication, fighting)
  • Struggles with thoughts of suicide or self-harm
  • Support coping with recent or past trauma


If you (student) or a parent feel like the student could benefit from receiving services in school, please contact the appropriate contact listed below:

Students will meet with Breanna Kirby (MOSAIC Clinician) who is present in the school each Thursday.


You can learn more about MOSAIC and get Access to the Consent for services at the following website: